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"It's not fear that tears you's him!"
  • R
  • 1980
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 5.3  (6,895)

The Anthropophagus Beast, also known as Antropofago and The Grim Reaper, is a highly controversial horror film from 1980 that broke many taboos and censorship laws at the time. The movie, written and directed by Joe D'Amato, follows a group of tourists who arrive on a seemingly idyllic Greek island, only to encounter a monstrous killer who feeds on human flesh.

From the opening shots, The Anthropophagus Beast establishes its unsettling atmosphere and nihilistic tone. The barren landscapes, the eerie music, and the slow pacing create a sense of dread that lingers throughout the film. The characters are introduced as typical slasher movie archetypes: the horny couple, the uptight prude, the quirky artist, the cute kid, and the heroic survivor. However, what sets this film apart from others of its kind is the raw and brutal realism of its violence.

As the tourists explore the island, they encounter signs of danger and decay, including abandoned houses, mutilated animals, and a creepy old man who warns them to leave. Eventually, they stumble upon a cannibalistic killer who wears an animal hide and wields a sharp tool, reminiscent of Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This infamous character, credited only as The Beast, is played convincingly by actor George Eastman, who also co-wrote the script.

The Beast is a fascinating and terrifying creation, as he seems to embody the primal, savage instincts that lurk beneath human civilization. He grunts and snarls like an animal, he mutilates and eats his victims without remorse, and he embodies the fear of the unknown that has haunted humanity for millennia. The film becomes a study in fear, as the characters' fear for their own survival is mirrored by their fear of the unknown.

The Anthropophagus Beast is not a film for the faint of heart, as it contains several scenes of extreme violence, gore, and nudity. The murders are depicted in graphic detail, with close-ups of the victims' screams, blood, and entrails. The Beast's killings are not limited to adults, as children are also depicted as his victims. The film's portrayal of child death caused outrage upon its release and led to several countries banning it.

Despite its controversial content, The Anthropophagus Beast has become a cult classic among horror fans, who appreciate its unflinching brutality and atmospheric filmmaking. The film has been praised for its use of the island setting, which is both beautiful and eerie, and for its haunting musical score by Marcello Giombini. The acting is serviceable, with Tisa Farrow (sister of Mia Farrow) as the lead, but the characters are not fully fleshed out and are mainly there to serve as fodder for The Beast.

In conclusion, The Anthropophagus Beast is a disturbing, nihilistic horror film that pushes the boundaries of decency and good taste. It is not a film for everyone, and its extreme violence and taboo-breaking content will be off-putting for many viewers. However, for those who appreciate the darker side of cinema and are willing to endure its graphic depictions of violence, The Anthropophagus Beast is a film that will stick with them long after the credits roll.

The Anthropophagus Beast
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    5.3  (6,895)