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"How much snake can one woman take..."
  • R
  • 1976
  • 1 hr 38 min
  • 4.3  (720)

Black Cobra Woman is a 1976 Italian exploitation film directed by Joe D'Amato and starring Jack Palance, Laura Gemser, and Gabriele Tinti. The plot follows Judas (Tinti), a successful fashion photographer who becomes infatuated with the sensual bartender Eva (Gemser) at a local nightclub in Bangkok. Little does Judas know, Eva is a member of a cult of snake worshippers who use her as a human sacrifice to bring good fortune to their tribe.

The movie is primarily set in Bangkok, and D'Amato uses the surrounding exotic landscape to create a sultry and seductive atmosphere. The film is filled with lush, glittering nighttime scenes of Bangkok, neon-lit clubs, and extravagant parties. These scenes are in contrast with the brutal and graphic depictions of the cult's rituals involving snakes and human sacrifice.

The film's opening scene depicts Eva dancing provocatively in a snake-filled pit at the nightclub, providing the audience with an immediate sense of the eroticism that will permeate the film. Throughout the movie, Gemser exudes sensuality and charisma as a femme fatale character, drawing Judas deeper into a world he never knew existed. Her screen presence is captivating, and she steals the attention in every scene she appears in.

Jack Palance plays the role of Judas with stoic intensity, and he brings an air of gravitas to the film. His character is initially unaware of Eva's true nature and falls deeply in love with her, but as he becomes more entangled in the cult's web, he starts to uncover their sinister plans. The tension between the two characters drives the narrative forward, and the climax is a satisfying payoff.

There are several supporting characters in the film, each with their own unique motivations and personalities. Barbara (Michele Starck) is Judas' jilted lover who becomes jealous and vengeful after seeing him with Eva. There's also the enigmatic Madame Heles (Guida Maria), who oversees the cult and gives orders to Eva. These characters add depth to the story, and each of them has a purpose that contributes to the overarching narrative.

One of the most notable aspects of Black Cobra Woman is its unabashedly exploitative scenes. There are several instances of nudity and strong sexual content, as well as precise depictions of violence and blood. The film is aimed at a specific audience that delights in the pleasures of shock and gore. However, none of these scenes feel gratuitous, and they always serve a narrative purpose. Viewers looking for a film that indulges in sleaze and violence will find Black Cobra Woman satisfying.

Overall, Black Cobra Woman is an entertaining and visually stunning exploitation film. The combination of its seductive setting, charismatic cast, and graphic content create a unique cinematic experience. The film's soundtrack, which includes funk and disco music, adds to the overall ambiance and immerses the viewer in the film's world. Despite its exploitative nature, it's clear that D'Amato put effort into crafting a coherent narrative with memorable characters. Black Cobra Woman is a cult film that will delight lovers of the genre.

Black Cobra Woman
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    4.3  (720)