The Big Job

"Carry On Robbing!"
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The Big Job is a 1965 British comedy. The large ensemble cast includes Sid James, Dick Emery, Joan Sims and Jim Dale to name only a few. The story takes place in 1950. James plays a bank robber who calls himself George the Great Brain. He hatches a scheme to rob a bank. The Great Brain is not exactly a mastermind. The robbers are pursued and caught by the police. He does manage to stash the money in a hollow tree before they are captured. The movie is full of British humor and laughs. It shares the same production team and cast associated with the popular Carry On film series.

1965 | 1 hr 25 min | 6.5/10
Sidney James, Sylvia Syms, Dick Emery, Joan Sims
Gerald Thomas
Produced By
Frank Bevis, Peter Rogers
The Big Job
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