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"A great guy with his 'chopper'!"
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  • 1970
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Carry On Henry is a classic British comedy film released in 1971. The movie is directed by Gerald Thomas and features some of the most popular names of British comedy such as Sidney James, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims, and Terry Scott. The movie revolves around the life of King Henry VIII, one of England's most iconic figures, and his infamous marriage history.

Set in the 16th century, Carry On Henry tells the story of King Henry VIII (Sidney James), who is now bored with his current wife, Queen Marie of Normandy (Joan Sims). Despite having six wives, the king is still seeking for love and attention. His closest confidante, Lord Chancellor Sir Thomas Cromwell (Kenneth Williams), suggests that the king could find a young bride from abroad, but the king dismisses it, stating that his experience with foreign women has not been pleasant in the past.

Meanwhile, in France, a group of conspirators led by Duke de Pommfrit (Peter Gilmore) and his assistant, René (Julian Holloway), hatch a plan to kidnap Henry's latest flame, Marie the dish-washer (Barbara Windsor). The plan succeeds and Marie is taken to the French court, where she becomes the object of Duke de Pommfrit's affections. The French ambassador, Count de Toulouse (Charles Hawtrey), hears about the kidnapping, and decides to inform King Henry about the kidnapping of his love.

King Henry is furious and demands that the French return his beloved or face the consequences. However, the Duke de Pommfrit insists on a ransom of one million pounds, which the king believes to be an outrageous demand. Sir Thomas Cromwell comes up with a plan to retrieve Marie, and he enlists the help of Lord Hampton of Wick (Terry Scott), the owner of a sumptuous brothel. The plan involves sending Lord Hampton to France to negotiate the release of Marie.

As the story unfolds, we see a number of comic twists and turns that keep the audience on their toes. The complicated love life of King Henry creates many misunderstandings and comedic moments. The attempts to rescue Marie always end up in a hilarious disaster. The use of double entendres and suggestive jokes adds to the comedic value of Carry On Henry.

The movie is known for its witty script and the performances of the talented cast. Sidney James, who played the role of King Henry VIII, delivers a fantastic performance, portraying the king as a lecherous but likable character. Kenneth Williams, who played Sir Thomas Cromwell, adds his trademark dry wit to the role, making his character a standout in the movie. Charles Hawtrey is hilarious as the effeminate Count de Toulouse, providing some of the best comedic moments in the film.

Aside from the great performances, the movie is also notable for its lavish costumes and sets. The movie's historical setting is captured beautifully with the help of detailed costumes and props. The score by Eric Rogers complements the visuals, and the comic timing of the music makes the movie more enjoyable.

Overall, Carry On Henry is a must-watch for comedy lovers. The movie provides a perfect blend of history and humor, with memorable performances, clever writing, and stunning visuals. The movie's comedic portrayal of King Henry VIII has cemented its place as a classic of British humor, and it continues to entertain audiences to this day.

Carry On Henry
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