The Big T.N.T. Show

The Big T.N.T. Show is a movie about three friends who can't seem to find love in the dark world that they were born into. Tyler, the main character, works at a bank job that he hates. He can't find love and wants to end his career every time he walks into the office. Charlie, a loan officer, thinks that the world is blank and devoid of anything worth having. Louis is a standup comedian who can't seem to land a spot at any club in the city. Together, they find out that only one thing will make them happy: following their passions.

| 2012 | 1 hr 33 min
Joan Baez, Gene Clark, Mike Clarke, The Byrds, David Crosby
American International Pictures
Larry Peerce
The Big T.N.T. Show
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Allison Anders on THE BIG TNT SHOW|3:34
Allison Anders on THE BIG TNT SHOW|3:34