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Ishak, a wealthy sheik steals a beautiful horse that was his property a long time ago. This theft happened during a fire on the farm that horse was kept on. Alec, hides on a plane and follows the sheik to Morocco. He is caught and the police take him to the American consul to send him back to the US. He befriends locals and they decide to help him by transforming him into a local. Kurr has also an interest in the animal and brings the American with him as a friend. He leaves him alone in the desert after a flat tire slows them down. Other’s that are willing to give him a ride on their truck finds him. Alec finds out that there will be a “Great Race" and a young man named Raj becomes his advisor and good friend.

Raj's family celebrates their sons return and welcome Alec as one of their own to the tribe. Raj shows Alec where Ishak resides and takes him there so he can once again embrace his horse. Ishak's security forces discover that Alec has infiltrated and take him directly to Ishak. Alec tells him the entire story and hopes that Ishak will understand but to no avail. He decides to enter the horse into the "Great Race." Ishak's chooses his granddaughter Tabari to ride the horse. Alec insists that he is the only one that can bring the victory. Ishak only allows the young man to coach his granddaughter. Kurr and his evil men kidnap the beautiful stallion and Alec, the young man and horse escape. Ishak rewards Alec and gives him permission to ride the beautiful animal in the "Great race." After being chased by other riders and a truck driver Alec still wins the race.

Alec really wanted to take the horse back with him but he knew in his heart that the animal would lead a better life in Morocco.

| 1983 | 1 hr 43 min | 6.0/10 | 34/100
Kelly Reno, Vincent Spano, Allen Garfield, Woody Strode
Zoetrope Studios
The Black Stallion Returns

Also starring Kelly Reno

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