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In a found footage film set in 1994, three film students embark on a trip into the woods of Burkittsville, Maryland to create a documentary about the local legend of the Blair Witch. Interviews with locals reveal the story of hermit Rustin Parr who kidnapped, tortured, and murdered seven children in the 1940's in the basement of his forest cabin. According to legend, Parr would take two children down at once, forcing one to face a corner and listen while he murdered the other child. When Parr was finally arrested he claimed that the spirit of a witch hanged in the 18th century compelled him to commit his crimes.

The students Heather, Michael and Joshua search the woods for proof of the Blair Witch's existence. They set up camp at a rock where men were killed in an 19th century ritualistic murder. Although they are lost they go deeper into the forest the next day and find a small cemetery where they camp for another night. After they accidentally disturb one of the graves they hear strange noises in the darkness but dismiss it as animals. When they try to return to town the next day they realize how lost they are and must camp out again. The next morning they find three cairns mysteriously set up around their tent. Heather loses her map and the group heads south, finding strange stick figures suspended from trees. That night there are more weird sounds, this time including children's voices. After an invisible force shakes their tent the trio hides in the woods until sun rise. Back at their camp they find their possessions have been searched through Josh's camera is covered with slime.

Upon camping that night they realize they've wasted their entire day going in circles. When they wake the next morning Josh is gone and, when they can't find him, Michael and Heath continue. That night they hear Josh screaming in the dark but can't find him. There is a stick figure outside in the morning made with Josh's teeth, hair and bloody shirt. Heather doesn't tell Michael. Later that day she makes a tearful apology to her friends and her family, sure that she will die soon. Following Josh's renewed screams they find him in an abandoned house where Mike thinks he hears Josh in the basement. Heather goes after him and finds him facing the wall before she screams, dropping her camera, and the screen goes dark.

| 1999 | 1 hr 26 min | 6.5/10 | 81/100
Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, Michael C. Williams, Bob Griffin
Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Snchez

Also starring Heather Donahue

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