The Dancer and the Thief

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With the arrival of democracy in Chile following the 1988 national plebiscite, the president of Chile declares a general amnesty for all prisoners convicted of non-violent crimes. Among these former prisoners is the young Ángel Santiago (Abel Ayala) and the veteran Vergara Grey (Ricardo Darín), a famous thief. The two have different plans: while Vergara Grey only wishes to regain his family and turn over a new leaf, Ángel dreams of avenging the prison warden and undertaking a grand heist with Grey. But then Ángel meets the young Victoria (Miranda Bodenhöfer), a ballet dancer who has not spoken a word since she lost her parents as a small child during the Chilean dictatorship.

The lives of all three are changed irrevocably as they are faced with a new future.

Director Fernando Trueba has said of the film: ------€œI am proud of how I have portrayed [Santiago], I believe it is very interesting visually. This is above all a romantic film, but with elements of comedy and film noir. It------€™s film-noir and it is western, it------€™s realist and very romantic. Definitively Latin American.------€

Not Rated
| 2009 | 2 hr 7 min | 6.2/10
Ricardo DarÑn, Abel Ayala, Miranda Bodenhofer, Ariadna Gil
Fernando Trueba
Produced By
Jessica Berman
The Dancer and the Thief
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Also starring Abel Ayala