The Devil-Ship Pirates

"A Hot-Blooded Crew of Cut-Throats!"
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The Devil Ship Pirates is the tale about a group of pirates who find themselves in need of serious repair after the British navy ambushes them. The shoreline they pick to land has a single isolated village on it. Shortly after the pirates land they convince the residence of the village that Britain had lost the war and that Spain now ruled over this small fishing village. At first the villagers follow the orders of the pirates until general dissatisfaction and the growing suspicion of the pirates lead to the villagers banning tighter. The pirates find themselves facing a full on revolt.

1964 | 1 hr 26 min | 6.1/10
Christopher Lee, Andrew Keir, John Cairney, Duncan Lamont
Don Sharp
Produced By
Anthony Nelson Keys
The Devil-Ship Pirates
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Also starring Andrew Keir