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  • 1938
  • 1 hr 44 min
  • 6.3  (932)

The Drum is a 1938 adventure film set in colonial India during the reign of King George III. The movie follows the story of Prince Azim (Sabu), a ten-year-old boy who becomes the ruler of a remote province after his father's death. Azim's father, the Maharajah of Gopal, was a British ally who maintained a close relationship with the East India Company. This relationship was threatened by the arrival of the evil ruler of the neighbouring province, Prince Ghul (Raymond Massey), who seeks to overthrow the Maharajah's rule and seize control of the East India Company's trading posts.

The East India Company, fearing that Prince Azim is too young and inexperienced to defend his position, sends Captain Carruthers (Roger Livesey), an experienced officer, to train the young prince and help him maintain his position. Captain Carruthers comes to realize that the only way to defeat Prince Ghul is to find his hidden supply of ammunition, which he needs to attack the East India Company's trading posts.

Captain Carruthers and Prince Azim set off on a dangerous journey into the jungle to find and destroy Prince Ghul's ammunition factory. They encounter a number of obstacles along the way, including ferocious tigers, treacherous swamps, and tough mountain terrain.

During their journey, Prince Azim learns to be brave and resourceful, and Captain Carruthers learns to value the wisdom and intelligence of the local people. They also meet Princess Tara (Valerie Hobson), the daughter of the Maharajah, who is determined to fight alongside them against Prince Ghul's forces.

The movie is an action-packed adventure that mixes exotic locations with thrilling battles and intriguing political intrigue. The lead performances of Sabu, Raymond Massey, and Roger Livesey are first-rate, and the special effects and cinematography are impressive for a movie made in 1938. The movie's score, composed by Miklós Rózsa, also adds to the excitement and drama of the story.

The movie was directed by Zoltan Korda and was based on the story "The Trumpet of the Swan" by A.E.W. Mason. Mason was a British author who was interested in the romanticism of adventures in far-off lands, and his work often reflected the struggles of colonialism in the British Empire. The Drum was one of the most successful movies of its time, and it helped establish Sabu as a major star of the British film industry.

The Drum is a classic adventure movie that still holds up today. It is a reminder of the romanticism and excitement of colonial-era India and the struggles of political maneuvering in a changing world. It is a must-see for fans of classic adventure movies and for those who want to experience the thrill of exotic landscapes and political intrigue.

The Drum
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