The Emerald Forest

"What kind of man would return year after year for ten years to rescue a missing boy from the most savage jungle in the world? His father."
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The Emerald Forest is a 1985 action adventure film about a boy, who is kidnapped ten years prior by a tribe of Brazilian Indians, and eventually raised among them in the wild. The film is directed by John Boorman, and based on true events that allegedly took place in the 1970s. American engineer Bill Markham (Powers Booth) has uprooted his family to live in Brazil while he is assisting with the building of a hydroelectric dam. The work takes him deep into the Brazilian rain forest to oversee the project. The local tribes people view the dam building as an infringement upon their rights, as well as an affront to their gods. During the construction, Bill and his family picnic at the outskirts of the forest. The Markham's son Tommy (Williams Rodriguez) is spotted by one of the Indians, who is fascinated by his green eyes and how they resemble the greenery of the forest. Tommy is snatched by the Indian tribesman, and taken deep into the darkness. Bill pursues them into the forest but quickly loses the trail.

The move jumps ahead ten years later as Bill is still attempting to find his son. The local government and searchers have long since abandoned the search and deem the boy as lost and never to be recovered. Bill is forced to dodge the numerous stumbling blocks placed in his way while he embarks on his search. While deep in the forest, Bill stumbles upon his son, who is now Tomme (Charley Boorman), by accident. He finds that his son has become completely immersed in the lifestyle of the "invisible people," who have never come into contact with Caucasians. After finding his son, Bill is forced to face some hard truths about the so called civilized society he lives in and the Indians who took him.

| 1985 | 1 hr 50 min | 6.9/10
Powers Boothe, Meg Foster, Yara Vaneau, William Rodriguez
John Boorman
Produced By
John Boorman, Michael Dryhurst, Edgar Gross
The Emerald Forest
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Also starring Meg Foster