Hope and Glory

"The epic story of a world at war. And a boy at play."
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The film Hope and Glory is a dramatization of a true story of a boy named Billy Rowan in London, England, during the time of the Blitz during the Second World War. In late summer of 1939, when England declared war on Germany, a lot of things started to change rapidly. Billy soon discovers that his father Clive has joined the army to serve his country. His mother Grace was left alone to look after the children just before the start of the bombing of London. At first both Billy and sister Dawn thought of the bombs like fireworks, yet all too soon they knew the gravity of the danger that they were in.

By 1941 Grace started working in a local munitions factory to help with the war effort. Although her priorities were solely focused on her children, Grace decided to help in the workforce since many of the men were fighting overseas and in clandestine missions on the continent. Not too soon, when Grace started working, Dawn starts getting into trouble by flirting with men in the service. At a swing dance Dawn dances with a soldier from Canada, only to get offended by a crude comment. But it is not long after that Dawn is pregnant by the Canadian.

Thinking it was time for a change of pace, the Rowan family takes a small vacation to the seaside to get away from London. When they return, to their horror, they find their house on fire. Neighbors told them that the fire was not caused by a bomb, only a simple house fire. Soon after the fire, Grace and her family went to live with her parents in their home along the Thames River. Billy finds the opportunity to get close to his grandfather and soon understands the meaning of family during the onset of world war.

| 1987 | 1 hr 53 min | 7.3/10 | 86/100
Sebastian Rice-Edwards, Geraldine Muir, Sarah Miles, David Hayman
Goldcrest Films, Nelson Entertainment
John Boorman
Produced By
John Boorman, Michael Dryhurst
Hope and Glory
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