A Sense of Freedom

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"They broke his body but not his spirit."
  • 1985
  • 1 hr 21 min
  • 7.0  (606)

A Sense of Freedom is a gritty drama movie that tells the story of the Scottish criminal, Jimmy Boyle (David Hayman). The film portrays his life, starting from his early days as a young boy in Glasgow to his rise to power as a ruthless gangster in the city's underworld. The movie begins with Jimmy as a young boy living in poverty in one of the most deprived areas of Glasgow. With little hope of a better life and surrounded by crime, he quickly learns to make his way in the world using any means necessary. As a teenager, Jimmy becomes involved in petty crime, but his ambition and greed soon lead him to more dangerous criminal activities, such as armed robbery.

Despite being constantly pursued by the police and rival gangsters, Jimmy rises through the ranks of the criminal underworld and becomes a notorious gang leader. He becomes involved in violent turf wars, drug trafficking, and other criminal activities. The movie graphically portrays the brutal and violent nature of these crimes, including scenes of torture and murder.

However, Jimmy's criminal lifestyle eventually catches up with him, and he is arrested and sent to prison. While in jail, he is subjected to appalling treatment by the prison guards and is forced to endure brutal beatings and humiliating conditions.

Despite this, Jimmy continues to fight against the system and refuses to give up his sense of freedom. He becomes involved in writing and art and begins to channel his aggression and anger in a more positive way. He writes a book about his experiences as a criminal and a prisoner, which becomes a bestseller and brings him public recognition.

A Sense of Freedom is a powerful and disturbing movie that highlights the harsh realities of life for the underprivileged in Glasgow's crime-ridden neighborhoods. It portrays a society where crime is seen as the only means of survival for many, and where the authorities are corrupt and ineffective.

The film is a tribute to the resilience and strength of the human spirit, as Jimmy fights his way through poverty and oppression to find a sense of purpose and meaning in his life. The performances of the cast, especially David Hayman as Jimmy Boyle, are outstanding, bringing to life the complex and contradictory nature of this complex character.

Overall, A Sense of Freedom is a must-see movie for anyone interested in gritty dramas, crime stories, or the social and economic realities of life in urban Scotland in the late 20th century. It is a dark and powerful portrayal of a world of violence, danger, and brutality, but also one of hope, resilience, and the human desire for freedom and self-expression.

A Sense of Freedom
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    1 hr 21 min
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    7.0  (606)