When the Sky Falls

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"When the truth is hidden. When the witness is silenced."
  • R
  • 2000
  • 1 hr 47 min
  • 6.4  (774)

When the Sky Falls is a political thriller released in 2000, set in Dublin in the early 1990s. The movie stars Joan Allen as Sinead Hamilton, an investigative journalist who becomes immersed in a world of organized crime and political corruption while investigating the inner workings of Ireland's criminal underground. The film is based on the true story of Hamilton, who wrote about the Irish drug trade and was later kidnapped and brutally beaten for her work. The movie portrays Hamilton's struggle to uncover the truth behind the drug trade, and the lengths she must go to in order to protect her sources and herself.

Sinead Hamilton is a fiercely independent woman, determined to expose corruption and wrongdoing despite the dangers involved. The movie opens with her traveling to Belfast, where she is investigating rumors of a new drug called U4, which is making its way onto the streets of Dublin. Hamilton is an experienced journalist who has covered Northern Ireland's troubles and the IRA, but this story is different. As she gets deeper into the investigation, she realizes that she is in over her head.

Hamilton's work brings her into contact with people she would never have imagined: drug dealers, arms smugglers, and corrupt politicians. She meets a number of complex and dangerous characters along the way, including one of the drug dealers' enforcers, Dara (Liam Cunningham), and a corrupt government official, Ray (Patrick Bergin). As Hamilton investigates further, both Dara and Ray become fixated on her, each for their own reasons.

As the story progresses, Hamilton fights for the truth, refusing to back down despite the mounting threats against her. She is emboldened by her conviction that the public has the right to know the truth about the drug trade and its links to organized crime and the government. But this conviction also puts her life in danger, as she becomes the target of a ruthless and powerful criminal underworld that will stop at nothing to protect its interests.

The tension in the movie builds steadily as Hamilton's investigation takes her deeper into a web of lies and deceit. Her work becomes increasingly perilous, and she is forced to take risks that put both herself and those she loves in danger. The film uses its setting and context to create a moody and atmospheric backdrop, highlighting the danger and uncertainty of life in Ireland during this time.

Joan Allen gives a strong and nuanced performance as the idealistic journalist. Her portrayal of Hamilton is both determined and vulnerable, making her character relatable and sympathetic. The rest of the cast also gives excellent performances, with Bergin and Cunningham delivering nuanced, multilayered characters that add complexity to the film's plot.

Overall, When the Sky Falls is a gripping and intense political thriller that tackles weighty issues with sophistication and nuance. It vividly portrays the dangers of investigative journalism and the challenges that come with uncovering the truth in a corrupt political environment. The film offers a sophisticated take on a complex issue, making it a must-watch for fans of political thrillers.

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