The Infiltrator

"It was an assignment that could make him a hero... or cost him his life."
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The Infiltrator is the story of a freelance reporter who is Jewish, named Yaron, who goes to Germany and tries to compose an article about the rise of neonazism. He visits a a Turkish refugee camp, and while he is there the camp is attacked by a gang of Neo Nazi skinheads. The police eventually arrive and Yaron is arrested by mistake. This gives the neo-nazis the impression that he is sympathetic the their cause. Yaron seizes the opportunity and begins to infiltrate the group. Eventually he is able to dig deeper and deeper and he discovers that Nazism is more powerful than he thought it could be. The secrets he discovers will change him and the world forever.

| 1995 | 1 hr 32 min | 6.5/10
Oliver Platt, Arliss Howard, Tony Haygarth, Michael Byrne
John Mackenzie
The Infiltrator
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Also starring Oliver Platt

Also starring Arliss Howard