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  • 1955
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The Girl Rush is an American comedy film from 1955 directed by Robert Pirosh and produced by Sol C. Siegel. The movie features a dynamic cast with Rosalind Russell, Fernando Lamas, and Eddie Albert in the leading roles. The film begins with Liza Elliott (Rosalind Russell), a successful Broadway star who is tired of the city life and decides to leave everything behind and start a new life as the owner of a failing Nevada ranch. Liza has a miscalculated vision of ranch life, expecting it to be easy and relaxing, only to find out that it's tough and dirty work.

At her new ranch, Liza meets Jeff Badger (Fernando Lamas), a promising rodeo rider, whom she hires to help her with the work. Lamas portrays Jeff with effortless charm, a flair for the romantic, and a penchant for mischief, all of which Liza finds irresistible. Even though she tries to resist his charms, Liza develops feelings for him.

However, Jeff's attention to Liza is not solely motivated by his attraction to her. Jeff has an older brother, 'Bugs' Badger, a swindler gambler, played by Eddie Albert, who is in need of money to fund his schemes. Bugs sees the potential of the ranch and the vast gambling opportunities it presents. He convinces Jeff to try to get Liza to sell her ranch to a lumber company he's secretly backing, so he can get a cut of the profits.

Liza becomes increasingly suspicious of Jeff's intentions, as he seems to be hiding his motives. But everything changes when Bugs reveals his plan, and Liza finds out about Jeff's involvement. She sends him away and turns her back on romantic notions.

To win her back, Jeff decides to help Liza save her ranch and restore her belief in him. Together, they work to prevent Bugs and his associates from swindling Liza and exploiting her land. Jeff's unwavering dedication to Liza and her dream eventually prevails, and the two fall in love.

One of the highlights of the film is the stunning musical score, which showcases the talents of the film's stars. Russell, known for her seasoned voice, and Lamas, a talented singer, bring incredible energy to their musical performances. Eddie Albert also sings a few numbers and gives some delightful comedic performances.

One of the most impressive aspects of The Girl Rush is the chemistry between its two leads. Rosalind Russell and Fernando Lamas have an instant on-screen connection that captivates audiences. Russell's comedic timing and Lamas' suave demeanor make for some humorous and affectionate scenes.

The movie's storyline, particularly the romance between the main characters, is predictable and lacks any unexpected twists or turns. However, The Girl Rush is successful due to its charming and adorable characters and their remarkable performances. The film manages to maintain a feel-good atmosphere throughout, and the music and comedic scenes perfectly complement its uplifting tone.

The Girl Rush is a pleasant and lighthearted film from the 1950s that is sure to delight those who appreciate simple and sweet romantic comedies. It's an enjoyable ride from beginning to end, and the performances of its talented cast make it worth watching.

The Girl Rush
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