Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows

"...and so do the boys!"

When a crotchety old Mother Superior of St. Francis Academy school for girls is confronted by a much younger and more progressive nun, she takes the schoolchildren on a cross-country trip in a broken-down old bus on the way to a peace rally in California. This 1968 sequel picks up where "The Trouble with Angels" left off as the nuns and children square off with a biker gang, get into mischief during a stay overnight at a Catholic school for boys, and participate in all manner of other unlikely adventures.

This hilarious American comedy is a product of the times, perfectly chronicling the hippie movement and its troublesome battles with mainstream America.

| 1968 | 1 hr 33 min | 6.4/10
Rosalind Russell, Stella Stevens, Binnie Barnes, Mary Wickes
James Neilson
Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows
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