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Jim and Eric, father and son, use their fishing boat for a supply run along the Aleutian Islands where they live. Their Aleut friends, Semeyon and Alexei ride along. As they chug through the churning waves to hurry home before an on-coming storm, Semeyon tells Eric about the golden seal. In ancient times when the Aleut people crossed the land-bridge from the Bering Sea, a golden seal came to protect and teach them how to live a happy, bountiful life. When man turned on the golden seal and began to hunt for her beautiful pelt, she fled to live under the great polar ice cap, to someday return.

That night as the storm rages with high winds, Eric sees a golden seal moving along in the heavy rain. Eric has become separated from his father and crawls into a shelter for safety. In there he finds the golden seal mom about to give birth to a baby seal. Mom seal feels safe with Eric and becomes his friend. He names her Girl.

Eric thinks of Girl as his pet and swims and plays with her. Girl and her baby would like to follow him everywhere but he brings them to a cave to protect them. There are hunters who want to kill the golden seal for her pelt which is worth a lot of money. Eric tells his dad about his discovery and hopes his dad won't kill her for the one hundred thousand dollar bounty left by a famous Russian.

Eric's dad has to fight a seal hunter that comes to their house demanding to know where the seal is. Eric's family lives off the land, they would never hurt the seal, money or not. Eric learns about caring for a pet in the short time the golden seal stays. Soon her baby is big enough to swim and follows her into the ocean. Eric's dad tells him it's okay to cry when you lose someone you love.

| 1983 | 1 hr 34 min | 5.3/10
Frank Zuniga
The Golden Seal

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