The Guvnors

"Revenge is its own executioner"

Mitch, the ex-leader of a London firm known as The Guvnors has walked away from his life of violence and more than 20 years later is happily married. He becomes concerned when his son starts to show violent tendencies through his behavior at school. He is challenged by Shanko a local gangster after Shanko learns of the reputation of The Guvnors. Shanko is then humiliated at the hands of another former Guvnor, Mickey. This leads to brutal retaliation and a reuniting of The Guvnors which reignites gangland warfare spanning two generations of families.

| 2014 | 1 hr 35 min | 5.8/10
Charley Palmer Rothwell, Martin Hancock, Doug Allen, Vas Blackwood
Gabe Turner
The Guvnors
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Also starring Martin Hancock

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The Guvnors Official Film Trailer 2 | SBTV EXCLUSIVE|0:58
The Guvnors Official Film Trailer 2 | SBTV EXCLUSIVE|0:58