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"Ladies and Gentlemen - For Your Horrification - Don't See It Alone - Bring The Children"
  • PG
  • 1973
  • 1 hr 40 min
  • 5.7  (759)

The House in Nightmare Park is a 1973 British horror-comedy film directed by Peter Sykes and starring Frankie Howerd, Ray Milland, and Hugh Burden. The film is a parody of gothic horror films and centers around the eccentric family of Lord and Lady Marleybone, who invite an actor named Foster Twelvetrees to their home to perform a seance. Twelvetrees soon realizes that something sinister is afoot in the Marleybone mansion and sets out to uncover the dark secrets hidden within its walls.

The film opens with Twelvetrees arriving at the Marleybone mansion, an imposing gothic structure located in the middle of a dark and foreboding English forest. The Marleybones are a bizarre and eccentric family, with Lord Marleybone (played by Ray Milland) constantly ranting and raving about his various ailments and Lady Marleybone (played by Ruth Dunning) forever draped in various layers of black clothing. The rest of the family is equally bizarre, with a son who is obsessed with taxidermy, a daughter who is mute, and a butler who is constantly drinking.

Twelvetrees (played brilliantly by Frankie Howerd) is initially hesitant about performing the seance, but is convinced to go ahead with it by Lord Marleybone's promise of a large sum of money. However, as the seance progresses, Twelvetrees realizes that something is seriously wrong in the house. Strange things begin to happen, including creepy dolls that seem to come to life, ghostly apparitions, and mysterious disappearances. Twelvetrees soon realizes that the Marleybone family is not what they seem and that he is in grave danger.

One of the strengths of The House in Nightmare Park is its ability to balance horror and comedy. The film is genuinely creepy at times, with some effective jump scares and eerie moments, but it is also incredibly funny. Frankie Howerd delivers his lines with perfect timing, and the supporting cast is equally strong. Ray Milland, in particular, is hilarious as the grumpy and cantankerous Lord Marleybone.

The film also benefits from its fantastic production design. The Marleybone mansion is a stunning and atmospheric location, with its dark and winding corridors, hidden passageways, and creepy secret rooms. The film makes excellent use of its setting, creating a genuinely spooky atmosphere that keeps the viewer on edge throughout.

Ultimately, The House in Nightmare Park is a highly entertaining film that perfectly captures the spirit of gothic horror while also managing to be funny and engaging. The performances are excellent, the setting is perfect, and the mixture of horror and comedy is handled with skill and finesse. It may not be a well-known classic, but it is certainly worth seeking out for fans of horror and comedy alike.

The House in Nightmare Park
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