The Krays

"When people are afraid of you... you can do anything. Remember that."
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A 1990 fact-based crime drama about the rise and fall of two British gangsters, who were also identical twin brothers. Reginald and Ronald Kray grew up in London's rough and tumble East End, and rose to be two of the most notorious and powerful gangsters in the 1960s. The movie is directed by Peter Medak, and stars Gary Kemp and Martin Kemp of the 1980s group Spandau Ballet.

Ronald (Gary Kemp) and Reginald (Martin Kemp) are growing up in a household with their mother, Violet (Billie Whitelaw), who is unloving and bitter and their father, Charlie (Alfred Lynch). Angry and frustrated by their situation, Ronald and Reginald feed off each other's need for violence and quickly become involved in petty crimes and assaults. the brothers even attack and nearly beat their own father to death.

The pair continue on with crimes and jail, and slowly find themselves fully immersed in the criminal lifestyle. The brothers quickly rise through the ranks of London's underground criminal empire and become the deeply feared due to their brutal and violent tactics.

In the fashion of Al Capone, The Kray brothers built an empire that centers around crime, and all of its trappings including women, cars, clothing and the occasional drugs. The Krays become fixtures on the club scene, and defacto celebrities. At the height of their brutal reign, the brothers begin to become estranged. Reggie falls for a girl named Frances (Kate Hardie), who sticks by him through thick and thin. Although the brothers had a knack for evading prison time, they unfortunately become involved in a string of violent killings from which they could not recover.

The Kray brothers violent crime spree ended with their arrests in 1968 on a slew of charges. The brothers were both given life sentences in prison.

| 1990 | 1 hr 59 min | 6.6/10 | 70/100
Billie Whitelaw, Tom Bell, Gary Kemp, Martin Kemp
Peter Medak
Produced By
Dominic Anciano, Ray Burdis
The Krays
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Also starring Tom Bell