Zorro, The Gay Blade

"Zexy, Zany, Zensational!"
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Bunny Wigglesworth, whose real name is Ramon Vega, returns home from the British Royal Navy to pay respect to his late father. When he arrives at his father’s estate, his twin brother Don Diego informs him that his childhood friend Esteban has taken over his father’s role as governor. Esteban is greedy and is over-taxing the peasants for his own gain.

Finding their father’s Zorro costume, Don Diego decides to wear it to a ball. On the way to the ball he ends up fighting a tax collector and returning the money to the peasants. When he arrives at the ball, the tax collector identifies him as the person who stole the money so Esteban challenges Don Diego to a duel. Don Diego embarrasses Esteban, but hurts himself as he escapes.

Since Bunny is home, he steps in and takes up the charge to defend the peasants. He continues the fight, but he does it in his own style. Bunny is flamboyant and shocks everyone by wearing bright colors, hats with tassels, and using a whip instead of a sword.

| 1981 | | 6.3/10 | 52/100
George Hamilton, Lauren Hutton, Brenda Vaccaro, Ron Leibman
Peter Medak
Produced By
C.O. Erickson, George Hamilton
Zorro, The Gay Blade
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Also starring Lauren Hutton