The Lower Depths

"From the world-famous play by MAXIM GORKI"
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The Lower Depths is a crime drama that was released in 1936. A man works as a low level thief, and soon finds himself dealing with a lot of stress in life. A crime lord goes bankrupt, and decides that he is going to move into the thief’s apartment. Meanwhile, the thief falls in love with a woman. However, she is from a semi-wealthy family who make a living as slum lords. This leads to the thief going to elaborate ends to get rid of his new roommate, and to run off with the girl he loves.

Not Rated
| 1936 | 1 hr 35 min | 7.6/10
Jean Gabin, Suzy Prim, Louis Jouvet, Jany Holt
Jean Renoir
Produced By
Alexandre Kamenka
The Lower Depths
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