The Making of the Mahatma

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This dramatic biographical depiction of the life of young Ghandi struggles against the oppression of the British ruling class. Despite being and educated barrister, Ghandi is subjected to discrimination, humiliation and beatings as he stands up against the traditional societal constructions built on a frame work of racism. Ghandi works to organize fellow Asians to assert their rights, often representing them in court. His travels to South Africa help instill in Ghandi his path of peaceful resistance. While here, Ghandi finds that the law supports his position and he begins to argue this in court. Mature theme and violent content.

1996 | 2 hr 24 min | 6.8/10
Rajit Kapoor, Pallavi Joshi, Keith Stevenson, Paul Slabolepszy
Shyam Benegal
The Making of the Mahatma
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Also starring Pallavi Joshi