The Other Side of the Bed

"If love is only a game...Why not cheat?"

"The Other Side of the Bed", a 2002 musical movie, was originally produced in Spanish then subtitled for English-speaking audiences. The movie touches on the concept of non-traditional relationships, the difficulties of marriage, and, most importantly, betrayal and infidelity that bleeds into every facet of the main four characters lives. In short, when one man's wife leaves him to start a new life on her own he is flabbergasted and seeks solace and comfort in his friends, but he quickly finds out that not everything is as it originally appeared to be.

When Pedro's wife, Paula, leaves him unexpectedly he seeks out comfort from his best friend, Javier. Pedro believes Javier and his wife, Sonia, have a perfect marriage and he seeks their counsel in an attempt to understand what went wrong in his own partnership. What Pedro doesn't know is that the marriage between his friends is rocky at best, and Javier, is actually the man that Paula left him for. He soon will find out, though that the pair have been having an affair; something Pedro never suspected. He learns the truth when he hires a private investigator to take a look at Paula and unearth the truth. What follows is a series of infidelity that is heart wrenching, witty and easy to relate to all at the same time.

The film's main characters play off each other in a surprisingly natural way and move about the plot line with an easy breeziness that is uncommon for a film that touches on such a serious topic. With a dwindling and lackluster interest in the movie genre of Musicals, it is surprising how naturally the actors for "The Other Side of the Bed" took to it. Overall those who enjoy witty banter and dry humor will find something incredibly endearing about this film that focuses so intently on love, lust and the loss of both.

| 2002 | 1 hr 54 min | 6.4/10 | 47/100
Ernesto Alterio, Paz Vega, Guillermo Toledo, Natalia Verbeke
Emilio Martnez Lzaro
Produced By
Toms Cimadevilla
The Other Side of the Bed
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Also starring Ernesto Alterio

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