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  • PG-13
  • 1995
  • 5.1  (300)

Set in a small town, The Power Within is a heartwarming 1995 film about a teenager named Stan Dryer who discovers a newfound confidence, thanks to a mystical crystal he finds in an abandoned mine. The lead role of Stan is played by Ted Jan Roberts, who delivers a truly engaging performance. Stan Dryer is a shy, unassuming high school student who is often picked on by bullies. He is constantly plagued by self-doubt and anxiety, fearing that he is not good enough. However, all of this changes when he stumbles upon a glowing crystal in an abandoned mine. Stan discovers that the crystal has the power to give him newfound confidence, strength, and agility, both physically and mentally.

He soon learns that the crystal has been sought after for centuries by a group of evil ninjas led by the sinister master villain Rinaldo. The ninjas are determined to get their hands on the crystal, but Stan is not willing to give it up without a fight. With his newfound abilities, he takes on the ninjas in a fight to save his family and friends from harm.

Karen Valentine plays the part of Stan's mother, who is dealing with personal struggles of her own. Valentine is excellent in her role, bringing a realistic depth to her character. She is struggling to keep her family together after her husband's recent death, while dealing with the challenges of a new job and raising a teenage son who is going through a difficult time.

Keith Coogan also stars in this movie as Stan's best friend, who is always there to support him no matter what. Coogan has some excellent comedic moments in the film, bringing levity to a few otherwise tense situations.

John O'Hurley portrays the lead villain Rinaldo, giving a menacing performance as the leader of the evil ninja clan. He is out to take the crystal by any means necessary, even if it means putting other people's lives in danger. His henchmen are equally terrifying, adept at martial arts and wielding all sorts of weapons to take down their enemies.

The Power Within is a movie that delivers a powerful message about the importance of self-belief and facing your fears. The film is directed by Art Camacho, a renowned martial artist, and stuntman, and the action sequences are some of the best in the genre.

Although the movie features plenty of martial arts action and some exciting fight scenes, it is ultimately a story about overcoming personal insecurities and finding your inner strength. The Power Within is a feel-good film that will leave you feeling inspired and empowered.

In conclusion, The Power Within is a must-see movie for martial arts and action movie fans, as well as for anyone who loves a good coming-of-age story. The performances by the cast are excellent, and the film is visually stunning. If you're looking for a movie that will both entertain and inspire you, The Power Within is definitely worth checking out.

The Power Within
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