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"Getting Even... Just Got Even Funnier!"
  • PG-13
  • 1998
  • 1 hr 26 min
  • 6.1  (1,834)

The Revengers' Comedies is a 1998 British romantic comedy directed by Malcolm Mowbray and starring Sam Neill, Helena Bonham Carter, and Kristin Scott Thomas. The movie sets out to explore what happens when ordinary individuals set about righting perceived wrongs in their own personal lives using vengeance as a medium. The plot revolves around two siblings, Henry Bell (Sam Neill), and Karen Knightly (Helena Bonham Carter), who have a passion for revenge against the rich and powerful. Both the siblings have grown up dysfunctional, which has caused them to carry a chip on their shoulder against the 'haves' in society. Henry enlists Karen to help him with his revenge scheme. She is initially hesitant, but her brother's energy and charm win her over.

The two siblings devise a plan to exact revenge on their ex-lovers: Mindy (Kristin Scott Thomas) and Bruce (Rupert Graves), who have moved on to lead hedonistic lives with people who can support their expensive tastes. Mindy is the object of Karen's wrath, while Henry targets Bruce.

The movie is infused with dark humor, as Henry and Karen plot their plan of revenge. They research their targets with a drive that could rival that of the most dedicated detective. Henry takes on a new persona - he becomes a beguiling and enigmatic stranger who befriends Bruce's new girlfriend, Imogen (Liz Smith), while Karen grits her teeth through Mindy's narcissistic extravagances, patiently waiting for the moment to pounce.

The movie has a uniformly excellent cast, and it's a treat to watch their performances. Sam Neill brings an effortless charm to his character that's hard not to fall for. His chemistry with Helena Bonham Carter is crackling and there's an underlying sense of fun in their scenes together. Kristin Scott Thomas delivers a standout performance, making the audience empathize with her character's plight.

On the technical front, the movie is impressive. Cinematographer John Daly captures the beauty of the English countryside, and director Malcolm Mowbray makes full use of the movie's idyllic setting, at times contrasting it against the murky mood of the protagonists' schemes.

The Revengers' Comedies offers more than just laughs; it's an insightful commentary on what drives people's desires for revenge. It portrays revenge as a destructive impulse that requires immense energy and cunning to execute. The movie also delves into the characters of Henry and Karen, showing that their schemes stem from deep-rooted psychological issues.

Overall, The Revengers' Comedies is a humorous, well-crafted film that offers an engaging tale of revenge, showcasing the talents of its excellent cast. The movie is a reminder that good storytelling can entertain and offer insights into the darker corners of human psychology.

The Revengers' Comedies
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