The Rockville Slayer

"Do you really know who you are?"
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The Rockville Slayer is a fast paced detective film that follows two detectives as they try to uncover the murders of Rockville couples. Unfortunately for the folks of Rockville and these detectives, the killings continue while they work the case. While there are several clues and patterns, neither detective is able to nail down a single suspect, which proves frustrating.

This mystery is both thrilling and smart, with the audience kept in the dark about very few details, but still not able to determine how the film will play out. These detectives work harder as the killer seems to be moving closer.

| 2004 | 1 hr 31 min | 2.6/10
Circus-Szalewski, Nicole Buehrer, Joe Estevez, Michael Kessler
Marc Selz
The Rockville Slayer
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Also starring Nicole Buehrer