The Seamstress

"A million ways to die......this is the worst."

The 2009 film The Seamstress may not have been on top of the Box Office when it cane out, but it definitely was a great film. The horror, mystery, thriller type of film will definitely get every viewers jumping throughout each scene. It will definitely show viewers the worst way to die in a very frightening and quite gory way. The plot summary of this film basically starts off with a seamstress that is brought to being by a desperate curse of a woman. This woman ends up becoming tortured till her death by a mob. This mutilated monster then hunts for a tiny group of friends that become trapped on the same island where the girl died. 

The friends who are led by Allie then search for her missing father. As she realizes that her own father was actually one of those vigilantes, her friends then start to begin to die very gruesome horrific deaths right at the point of which The Seamstress' needle is at. The moment the final two surviving vigilantes come back, locked in their very own moment of revenge and death, Allie must then either be corrupted from her own vengeance or preserve her innocence.

The film is very thrilling and exciting, as you don't really know what to expect. However, despite the unique plot and splendid acting of the film, it failed to receive a positive rating. It received a rating of 3.6 out of a 10, but non-critics seemed to like the entire idea of the film. 

Kailin See, the actress who played Allie, really portrayed the character very well and really made viewers believe that Allie was an actual person. Despite the not so positive reviews, the film is still worth watching, as the entire plot in general happens to not be bad at all. This film is perfect for people that enjoy mystery and gory films, as it portrays both of those genres very well. If there is any movie that could define those genres, then it would be this film.

The Seamstress is rated R, but would definitely frighten anyone in any age. According to a couple reviewers, it is advised to watch the film with a friend or family member, as there are many unexpected scary parts that will definitely make you jump up in your seat. It is a great film that is capable to scare even those that barely get scared.

| 2009 | 1 hr 25 min | 3.5/10
Kailin See, David Kopp, James Kirk, Lara Gilchrist
The Seamstress
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