The Secrets of The Keys

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  • 2016
  • 1 hr 49 min

The Secrets of The Keys is a motivational movie that was released in 2016, directed by Robin Jay. The movie features a star-studded cast that includes Kathryn Peters Brinkley, Robin Jay, Brian Tracy, and Gloria Loring. The film follows the story of a successful businesswoman named Elizabeth who has it all - a thriving business, a great family, and a beautiful home. But despite her wealth and success, she still feels unfulfilled and unhappy. One day, she receives a mysterious invitation to attend a seminar on "The Secrets of The Keys" which promises to help her unlock the secrets to true happiness and success.

Elizabeth is initially skeptical, but she decides to attend the seminar anyway, and soon finds herself on a journey of self-discovery that will change her life forever. Along the way, she meets a number of incredible people who have all managed to achieve great success in their lives despite facing significant challenges and hardships.

Through a series of inspiring and thought-provoking conversations, Elizabeth comes to learn the seven keys to living a happy and fulfilling life. These keys include gratitude, intention, forgiveness, courage, kindness, humility, and leadership.

The movie is filled with powerful metaphors and lessons that will speak to viewers of all ages and walks of life. The cast is exceptional, with each actor bringing their own unique perspective and insight to the table.

Kathryn Peters Brinkley is particularly impressive as Elizabeth, delivering a nuanced and heartfelt performance that perfectly captures the character's struggles and motivations. Robin Jay, who also directed the film, brings a real sense of passion and enthusiasm to her role as the seminar's organizer and moderator.

Brian Tracy, a renowned motivational speaker and author, is also excellent in his role as one of the seminar's guest speakers. Tracy's insights and advice are particularly powerful, providing viewers with a wealth of practical strategies and techniques for achieving success in all areas of life.

Overall, The Secrets of The Keys is a captivating and inspiring movie that will leave viewers feeling motivated, empowered, and deeply satisfied. Whether you're looking to gain a new perspective on life or simply need a little bit of extra inspiration to help you achieve your goals, this film is definitely worth checking out.

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    1 hr 49 min