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  • R
  • 1978
  • 95 hr
  • 4.2  (1,142)

The Stud is a British drama film from 1978 directed by Quentin Masters and based on a novel by Jackie Collins. The story is set in the world of luxurious nightclubs, trendy bars, and private parties of the British elite. The main character, Tony Blake (Oliver Tobias), is a successful nightclub owner and a charming womanizer. He has everything he could ever want: money, power, and an endless supply of beautiful women. However, his extravagant lifestyle comes with a price, and the consequences of his actions become harder to ignore when his lover, Fontaine Khaled (Joan Collins), decides to leave him for another man.

Fontaine is a wealthy and powerful woman who has been married multiple times and is looking for a new thrill. Tony becomes her latest conquest, and she quickly becomes infatuated with him. As their relationship intensifies, Fontaine realizes that she is falling in love with Tony and decides to leave her husband for him.

The Stud is a movie about power, money, and sexual politics. The characters are all driven by their desires and ambitions, and their relationships are constantly tested by jealousy, greed, and deceit. Joan Collins, who was at the height of her fame at the time, delivers a stunning performance as Fontaine Khaled. She perfectly captures the energy and seductiveness of the character, making her both alluring and terrifying at the same time.

Oliver Tobias is also excellent as Tony Blake. He manages to bring a sense of vulnerability to the character, making him more than just a simple playboy. His charm and charisma are undeniable, but his flaws and weaknesses are also on full display, making him a multifaceted and interesting character.

One of the most interesting aspects of The Stud is how it portrays the world of nightclub owners and wealthy socialites. The movie takes place during a time when disco music was at its peak, and the fashion, hair, and makeup of the characters are all very reflective of that era. The decadent parties, the colorful lighting, and the stunningly beautiful women all create a unique sense of atmosphere that is both alluring and slightly unsettling.

Overall, The Stud is a well-made and entertaining movie that is definitely worth a watch. It's a prime example of the kind of drama that was popular during the late 70s and early 80s, where characters were complex and the stories were both provocative and thrilling. If you're a fan of Joan Collins, Oliver Tobias, or simply enjoy movies set in the world of luxury and excess, then The Stud is definitely a movie that should be on your must-watch list.

The Stud
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  • Runtime
    95 hr
  • IMDB Rating
    4.2  (1,142)