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  • R
  • 1985
  • 1 hr 37 min
  • 4.9  (399)

The Trap is a 1985 Italian film directed by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi. The movie tells the story of Luca, played by Tony Musante, a wealthy entrepreneur who sets up a trap to get rid of his wife Paola, played by Laura Antonelli, so that he can be with his mistress, Lianella, played by Florinda Bolkan. Luca is an unscrupulous businessman who is more interested in his personal life than his work. He is married to Paola, a beautiful, loyal, and devoted wife who loves him deeply. Paola, on the other hand, is unaware of her husband's infidelity and does everything to keep the family together.

Luca meets Lianella, a young and beautiful woman who works as a model, and starts an affair with her. He becomes obsessed with her and decides that he wants to leave his wife and start a new life with Lianella. However, he knows that he cannot just divorce his wife as it would have a detrimental effect on his reputation and the company's image. So he decides to plan a perfect crime.

Luca decides to fake his wife's death in a staged airplane crash while she is on her way to London. He makes all the arrangements and tries to make it look like an accident. He even hires a male model, played by Paolo Malco, to pose as his wife's lover and make sure that Paola is on the plane. Luca believes that he could then have a happy life with Lianella without worrying about any inconvenience.

However, everything does not go according to plan. After the crash, there are unexpected consequences that set off a series of events that reveal the cracks in Luca's perfect plan. The police start investigating the crash and begin to suspect foul play. Paola's sister, played by Monica Guerritore, also starts to investigate as she doesn't believe that her sister could have died in the crash.

As the investigation intensifies, Luca starts to break down under the pressure, and his relationship with Lianella deteriorates. He becomes increasingly paranoid and starts to suspect everyone around him, including his own employees, of trying to frame him. Eventually, the truth comes out, and Luca has to face the consequences of his actions.

The Trap is a well-crafted thriller that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The movie is beautifully shot with stunning locations that add to the story's atmosphere. The storyline is engaging and keeps the audience guessing until the very end. The performances of the lead actors are excellent, particularly Tony Musante, who delivers a great performance as Luca, and Florinda Bolkan, who is convincing as Lianella.

In conclusion, The Trap is an entertaining and engaging thriller that will appeal to audiences who enjoy a good suspenseful drama. The movie is well made and keeps the audience engaged with its compelling story and great performances. For anyone who loves Italian cinema or suspenseful thrillers, The Trap is definitely worth seeing.

The Trap
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