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  • 1975
  • 3 hr 50 min
  • 7.9  (4,239)

The Travelling Players is a film from 1975 directed by Theo Angelopoulos, featuring a large cast of characters starring Eva Kotamanidou, Vangelis Kazan, and Aliki Georgouli. The film is set in Greece and spans a 20-year period, beginning in 1939 just before the outbreak of World War II and ending in 1952, during the Greek Civil War.

The story follows a group of travelling players who perform Greek tragedies in small towns and villages around the country. The troupe includes a variety of characters, each with their own personal struggles and relationships with one another. The main protagonist, Spyros, is a passionate actor who is in love with his co-star and fellow performer, Eleni. However, their love is complicated by Spyros' marriage and the constant upheaval of their lives due to their itinerant lifestyle.

The film is a complex exploration of many themes, including love, politics, war, and Greek history. It takes an unflinching look at the ways in which political events and ideologies can affect the lives of ordinary people, and how the personal and the political are inexorably intertwined.

One notable aspect of the film is its use of long, uninterrupted takes that allow the camera to linger on the faces and surroundings of the characters. These shots are often accompanied by haunting, ethereal music that heightens the emotional impact of the scenes. The film's director, Theo Angelopoulos, is known for his innovative cinematography and visual style, and The Travelling Players is no exception.

Throughout the film, the viewer is taken on a journey through Greece's tumultuous political history, including its involvement in World War II and the subsequent development of the country's communist movement. The film does not shy away from portraying the harsh realities of war and political upheaval, including scenes of violence and suffering that are at times difficult to watch.

At the heart of the film, however, is the central love story between Spyros and Eleni. Their relationship is depicted with sensitivity and depth, and the two actors deliver powerful performances that make their love story one of the most compelling aspects of the film.

Overall, The Travelling Players is a striking and ambitious film that explores complex historical and political themes in a deeply personal way. Its use of innovative visual techniques and its deeply felt performances make it a true masterpiece of Greek cinema.

The Travelling Players
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    3 hr 50 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    7.9  (4,239)