Days Of '36

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When a politician is murdered in broad daylight, the suspects rounded up include Sofianos, who doggedly maintains his innocence. But when a minister visits his cell, Sofianos tricks his warders and takes the man hostage, threatening to kill him unless he is granted freedom. A political crisis brews as the prison governors' and politicians' desperate attempts to defuse the situation are paralysed by indecision. Acclaimed director Theo Angelopoulos' film is a brilliantly photographed and tense thriller based on actual events that took place in Greece in 1936.

1976 | 1 hr 45 min | 7.0/10
Vangelis Kazan, Kostas Pavlou, Thanos Grammenos, Giorgos Kyritsis
Curzon Artificial Eye
Theodoros Angelopoulos
Days Of '36
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