Landscape in the Mist

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Landscape in the Mist is a drama film that was released in 1988. The film involves a pair of children who are looking for their father that abandoned them when they were very young. The children believe that their father lives somewhere in Germany, and so they go there in order to look for him. The children explore the massive country, and have a lot of adventure along the way. The children begin to understand what it is like to have a true father, and they begin to move away from their obsession with having one. This shows the children turning into young adults.

| 1988 | 2 hr 7 min | 8.0/10
Michalis Zeke, Tania Palaiologou, Stratos Tzortzoglou, Eva Kotamanidou
Theo Angelopoulos
Landscape in the Mist
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Also starring Michalis Zeke