The Weeping Meadow

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The film The Weeping Meadow offers a trilogy that is filled with heartfelt drama, a bit of intriguing history, and a touch of romance. This movie is set in the year 1919. This is a story about Greek refugees from Odessa. Their journey has led them to a small river. There are two little kids among this group. Eleni is an orphan and in need of care. The kids grow up together. There are turbulent experiences that must be faced. This includes war and dictatorship. Love truly is in the air and just might find a way.

| 2004 | 2 hr 43 min | 7.9/10 | 73/100
Alexandra Aidini, Nikos Poursanidis, Giorgos Armenis, Vasilis Kolovos
Theo Angelopoulos
The Weeping Meadow
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Also starring Nikos Poursanidis