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"When the worst of men hides in a family with no history."

The War Zone is a 1998 dramatic film about a London teenager keeping a dark secret. The film was written by Alexander Stuart and directed by Academy Award-nominated actor Tim Roth. Tom (Freddie Cunliffe) is a 15-year-old teen who lives in the rural town of Devon along with his father (Ray Winstone), mum (Tilda Swinton) and sister Jessie (Lara Belmont). Tom's father is a stern and domineering man. The father's demeanor along with the children's body language reveals that something is not quite right in the household. Tom and Jessie's mum is pregnant with twins. While on the way to the hospital, they are involved in a bad car wreck. Fortunately all parties are uninjured, including the baby, who is born within the wreckage.

One day after arriving home, Tom witnesses a horrific event inside of his own household. Unseen at the time, it is terrible enough to make him drop his bag of groceries. Jessie later confronts Jessie about the sex act he witnessed between she and their father. When Jessie denies what took place, Tom begins to question his own sanity. He finally realizes that Jessie is ashamed, and in a state of denial, so he decides to investigate matters even more. He uncovers nude photographs of his sister and father, then follows and secretly videotapes his father, who rapes Jessie in a nearby bunker. Tom is an emotional wreck as he tries to quell his disgust and rage. He wonders how to help Jessie, whether he should tell his mother, and most importantly, should he confront his father.

Jessie is also extremely damaged by her father's abuse, which apparently has been going on a long time. After a confrontation, the father denies his actions to the end--even when staring at the truth. The damage with Jessie is already done. Can she recover from the deep wounds of incest so that both she and her family can heal?

| 1999 | 1 hr 38 min | 7.4/10 | 68/100
Annabelle Apsion, Kate Ashfield, Lara Belmont, Freddie Cunliffe
Lot 47
Tim Roth
The War Zone

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The War Zone (1999) | Trailer | Film4|2:24
The War Zone (1999) | Trailer | Film4|2:24
The War Zone (1999) Trailer|2:16

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