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The ABC American biblical television drama Of Kings and Prophets takes its plotline from Samuel I and Samuel II in the Old Testament (or Hebrew Bible). The main characters are, not surprisingly, the first king of Israel Saul and his famous successor David. Other characters include Ahinoam (Saul's wife and queen), Ish-bosheth (Saul's youngest son), Jonathan (Saul's son and David's close friend, who helps him in his conflicts with his father), Michal (one of Saul's daughter, who in the biblical story disdains David as he dances), Merav (Saul's oldest daughter), Eliab (a leader in Israel), Joab (a nephew of King David and commander of Israel's army), King Achish, and of course Samuel, who is the first prophet of the nation of Israel. The television show follows the sorrows, triumphs, political rivalries, and loves of these characters as they meet their fates. Though set in biblical times, the series is filmed in South Africa, specifically in Cape Town.

Of Kings and Prophets is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (9 episodes). The series first aired on March 8, 2016.

Where do I stream Of Kings and Prophets online? Of Kings and Prophets is available for streaming on ABC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Of Kings and Prophets on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Apple TV online.

1 Season, 9 Episodes
March 8, 2016
Drama Faith & Spirituality
Cast: Ray Winstone, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Simone Kessell
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Of Kings and Prophets Full Episode Guide

  • UNCENSORED VERSION. Saul ignores a vision of his destroyed legacy, and unites with David to fight King Achish for Israel's sake. In the end, David flees Gibeah, abandoning his people, his wife, and his destiny.

  • UNCENSORED VERSION. Merav believes the House of Saul will fall and the only one who can save them from their fate is David. Rizpah aligns with David in exchange for vengeance against the Edomites.

  • UNCENSORED VERSION. Eliab finds David and brings him six hundred Israelite soldiers who have defected from Saul's army. When Michal warns her father about war with the Israelites, Saul refuses to let her return to David. An upset David forms an alliance with Achish against Saul.

  • UNCENSORED VERSION. Jonathan is dying in the dungeon while Saul refuses to help him, forcing Merav and Anihoam to rescue Jonathan with the help of Ritzpah. Meanwhile, David recruits Israelite soldiers being held under Philistine guard to create an army for himself.

  • UNCENSORED VERSION. On the day of David's wedding to Michal, trouble ensues. King Achish tests David's loyalty to him. The truth of David's prophecy comes to light, and King Saul takes action at the wedding ceremony.

  • UNCENSORED VERSION. David devises a plan to get King Saul's approval to marry Michal instead of Merav. Fueled by suspicion and jealousy, Ishbal seeks out Eliab to travel back to Bethlehem so he can find out more about David. Meanwhile, Saul empathizes with David's plight by pledging to be faithful and more loving toward Ahimoam.

  • King Achish has been using his fierce general, Goliath, to demoralize King Saul’s depleted and outnumbered army of soldiers. Saul sends his son Ishbaal to fight Goliath, but when that yields disastrous results, Saul offers any man who beats Goliath a bounty and the hand of his daughter in marriage. Everyone is shocked when David volunteers to fight Goliath with his slingshot in the Valley of Elah. Despite everyone’s pleas, Michal escapes Gibeah, believing her place is by her father’s side at the battlefield. Meanwhile, Rizpah’s true origins are revealed, and David’s older brother, Eliab, inadvertently helps David realize his destiny,

  • Saul confides in David after Samuel's prophecy; Ishbaal plots to kill the prophet; as the Philistines prepare to wage war, the Israelites have a harsh realization; Ahinoam suggests a marriage between her son and the daughter of Eitan.

  • In the series premiere, King Saul offers his daughter's hand in marriage to save his kingdom.

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