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"How Do You Keep A Secret This Big?"
  • 2007

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep is a family-friendly adventure movie that was released in 2007. Directed by Jay Russell, the movie tells the story of a young boy named Angus MacMorrow, played by Alex Etel, who discovers a mysterious egg on the shores of a Scottish loch during World War II. The egg hatches into a water horse, a mythical creature from Scottish folklore that Angus names Crusoe.

Angus befriends Crusoe and tries to keep him hidden from his mother, Anne, played by Emily Watson, and his older sister, Kirstie, played by Priyanka Xi. Angus learns that Crusoe is a magical creature that can grow very quickly and can only survive in water. Angus vows to help Crusoe and protect him from anyone who wants to harm him, including the local sergeant, played by Ben Chaplin, who is suspicious of Angus and his secret.

As Crusoe grows, the bond between the two becomes stronger. Angus spends most of his time with Crusoe, trying to figure out how to keep him safe and healthy. When Kirstie discovers Crusoe, she becomes jealous of Angus, but eventually, she joins in helping look after Crusoe.

The arrival of the local laird's daughter, Bella, played by Priyanka Xi, sets the stage for a series of adventures that propel the movie forward. Bella is intrigued by Crusoe and wants to find out more about him, much to Angus's concern. Angus forbids Bella from coming near Crusoe, but she disobeys and swims with him.

Meanwhile, World War II comes to the Scottish countryside, and everyone worries about the invasion of the German troops. As the story progresses, the movie explores the dynamic of Angus's family, how each of them feels different about the ongoing war, and the hope they all have in the magical creature that Angus hides.

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep is a visually stunning movie, thanks to the incredible visual effects that bring Crusoe to life. Crusoe's design is faithful to the descriptions of water horses in Scottish legends, and his movements are very natural and fluid. The cinematography is also superb, capturing the stunning landscapes and the rough sea. The movie was filmed in Scotland and New Zealand and showcases the unique culture and beauty of both countries.

The cast of the Water Horse delivers an engaging performance, most notably by Emily Watson, who plays a widowed mother struggling to keep things together during the war. Her portrayal of Anne is heartwarming, and she brings a lot of depth and nuance to the character. Alex Etel, who plays Angus, also does an excellent job, especially when expressing his bond with Crusoe.

The movie has some excellent action scenes, including a thrilling escape scene when Angus and his friends try to rescue Crusoe from the sergeant. The final scene is breathtaking, and it is easy to relate to Angus, who does not want to say goodbye to the magical creature that he has come to love.

Overall, The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep is an enjoyable family movie that offers a mixture of drama, comedy, and fantasy. The movie explores themes of friendship, loss, and the power of hope. It is a story about a boy and his sea creature, but it is also a story about the strength of the human spirit, even in the direst of circumstances. The Water Horse is a perfect choice for a family movie night, and it will not disappoint.

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep is a 2007 adventure movie.

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep
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