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"He's not from around here..."

Just in time for Halloween, we are treated to a movie that truly encompasses the concept of supernatural forces and a spooky backdrop, as well. This movie, that I speak of, would be The Wraith, which was one of Charlie Sheen's first movies. The movie opens up with a mysterious ghostly black car showing up. The black car challenges the members of the Packard Walsh's (played by Nick Cassavetes) gang of criminals and miscreants to drag race and then one by one kills off these same gang members after racing them. No one, including the surviving gang members or Police Sheriff Loomis played by Randy Quaid, can figure out who is behind these mysterious deaths.

Packard Walsh and his gang, though, have been terrorizing those in this Arizona town and are even known to force others to drag race against them, so they can take possession of the loser's vehicle when they do indeed forcibly win the race.

So, these gang members truly aren't innocent and it would appear that whoever is behind these recent deaths of the gang members knows this and wants to make as many of them suffer for their possible past misdeeds.

As a side note, we find out from one of the town's local teenage boys, Billy Henkins (Matthew Barry) that Packard not only has done all the above, but even stabbed his brother, Jamie Henkins, after Packard found out that Jamie was sleeping with the girl named Keri Johnson (Sherilyn Fenn) who he would like for himself.

Very early into the movie, we learn that the mysterious and illusive Jake Kesey (Charlie Sheen), a cool biker, has arrived on the scene. Jake has not only befriended the good natured Billy and taken him under his wings so to speak, but has also gotten romantically involved with Keri Johnson, Packard's obsession.

For the duration of the movie, we are left with many twists and turns to try to figure out who is behind these methodical killings. As stated earlier, Packard, his gang and even Sheriff Loomis can't quite figure out this mystery of sorts. Sheriff Looomis would only love to be able to do what this esoteric person has done here, but alas in the end, we are treated to the fact that it would appear that it is indeed Jake who was behind it and he seems to be a reincarnated version of Billy Henkins brother, Jamie.

Here we are left to believe that Jamie has returned in the form of Jake to exact his revenge of sorts on Packard and his gang for killing Jamie. In the end, Jake gets his revenge and also gets the girl or Keri Johnson. And all is truly well that ends well!

| 1987 | 1 hr 33 min | 6.0/10 | 39/100
Charlie Sheen, Nick Cassavetes, Sherilyn Fenn, Randy Quaid
Mike Marvin
Produced By
John Kemeny

Also directed by Mike Marvin

Also starring Nick Cassavetes

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