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Navy Seals is an action-packed military thriller about an elite Special Forces group for the United States Navy. The film stars Michael Biehn as Lieutenant James Curran , Charlie Sheen as Lieutenant Junior Grade Dale Hawkins, Dennis Haysbert as Chief Petty Officer Billy Graham, Rick Rossovich as Officer Leary, Cyril O'Reilly as Officer Rexer, Bill Paxton as Officer Floyd, and Paul Sanchez as Seaman Ramos. Together the make up the elite Navy Seals.

Officer Graham is due to be married, and the rest of the Seals are recovering from a wild bachelor party when they get the call that a cargo ship has been seized by pirates and some Navy helicopters have been shot down over the Mediterranean Sea. The Seals set off to rescue the hostages.

When they arrive, they are too late to save everyone, as head terrorist, Ben Shaheed, has already ruthlessly executed a crew member. When the Seals take out his cohorts, Shaheed pretends to be sailor from the crew, and he is released. While evacuating the hostages, Hawkins discovers some missiles under cover in a suspicious building.

While reviewing the incidents with leaders, Curran and Hawkins have a battle of wills. Military leaders discover the identity of Shaheed in an interview with a journalist. He freely admits that his organization has been behind many terrorist acts.

The Seals get their next mission to intercept a ship with weapons on board. During the takeover, Hawkins takes matters into his own hands and disobeys Curran’s orders by taking aim at a terrorist who has taken Ramos. This attempted heroic act costs one of the team members his life.

Curran and Hawkins come to blows over the incident after their friend's funeral. When it is unsure if they will be able to coexist, the group is sent into their next mission. Shaheed has been spotted, and he is planning his biggest act of terrorism to date.

| 1990 | 1 hr 53 min | 5.6/10 | 38/100
Charlie Sheen, Michael Biehn, Joanne Whalley, Rick Rossovich
Lewis Teague
Produced By
Brenda Feigen, Bernie Williams

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