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What can a gunslinger, a former slave, a preacher, an ex-bounty hunter, a charming con artist, a gunman with a eye for the ladies, and easterner looking for excitement, have in common? Not much as it turns out, except for a desire to protect those that can't help themselves. After coming together to help an Indian village being tormented by rebels, they decide to stay together to help a town in need of law enforcement.

The Magnificent Seven is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on January 3, 1998.

Where do I stream The Magnificent Seven online? The Magnificent Seven is available for streaming on CBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Magnificent Seven on demand at , Pluto TV online.

2 Seasons, 22 Episodes
January 3, 1998
Drama Action & Adventure
Cast: Michael Biehn, Eric Close, Andrew Kavovit, Dale Midkiff
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The Magnificent Seven Full Episode Guide

  • When Chris meets an old flame, he finds out more about the events that led up to the death of his wife and son.

  • When a hired assassin is found dead in his hotel room with $10,000, Ezra finds the money difficult to resist and quickly finds himself at odds with Chris.

  • Two female bounty hunters come to town to hunt down a wanted criminal -- or are they outlaws themselves, searching for stolen loot? Only time will tell. J.D. is in hot water with Casey when he's attracted to one of the women.

  • A traveling detective targets Josiah as the main suspect in a series of murders. Also, Nathan's Indian friend, Rain, visits with the news that she's about to marry.

  • The Seven try to stop the abuse of Chinese laborers working railroad construction.

  • Judge Travis presides over an exasperating trial that hits close to home for Nathan. A former slave is accused of murdering a white man in a rough Western town where vigilantism is the law of the land.

  • The wagon train is attacked and bombed in an attempt to get the people to give up the titles to their homesteads.

  • Judge Travis asks the gang to ride shotgun for a wagon train that is headed for disputed homestead land that a rancher intends to have for himself.

  • A matriarch and her gunfighting brood come to town to get revenge for the death of one of their own.

  • To defend a lady's honor, Buck challenges a nasty Mexican aristocrat to a duel, but he doesn't count on the weapons choosen by his opponent.

  • Vin must prove his innocence when a group of marshalls arrive in town to arrest him for murder. Meanwhile, a new saloon gives Ezra some competition.

  • A new federal marshal drives the Seven out of town after a brutal shootout with a band of thieves. The new lawman's methods are tested when a gang of hired guns comes to set the town aflame.

  • Chris gets tossed in jail when he tries to prevent an innocent man's arrest. While in prison, Chris learns that the sheriff (guest Cliff De Young) is taking wealthy looking drifters into custody to extort bail money from their families.

  • Vin leads a manhunt to track down an Indian brave who -- after kidnapping the preacher's daughter and landing in jail -- escaped from prison. Despite being a man of the cloth, the preacher is eager for revenge.

  • Land grabber Guy Royal (guest Tim Thomerson) tries to buy a series of homes that will become a railroad easement, but the seven intercede. Chris becomes personally invested when it turns out he has a history with Royal's one-eyed hired gun.

  • Chris chases after the man he believes killed his family, while the rest of the seven try to keep Chris under control. Meanwhile, a writer in town wants to capture on paper all the excitement of living in the Wild West.

  • Mary's son, Billy, comes to town for a visit but is abducted by the man who murdered his father. Because the boy witnessed the killing, he's in grave danger, and the seven ride out to save him. Michelle Phillips guest stars.

  • After Mary arranges parole for Terry Greer, she arrives in town with her daughter, hoping to start a new life. Unfortunately, her safecracking skills are still in demand, and one of her former partners wants her help.

  • Buck, J.D. and Chris intercede when they witness a woman being beaten in Wickestown, a tent town specializing in whiskey and working girls. But their interference infuriates the ruthless man who rules Wickestown (guest Barry Corbin).

  • Mary's father-in-law, a federal judge, arrives in town ready to impose the rule of law and recruits the aid of the seven. Later, they must decide whether they'll remain with the town or go their separate ways.

  • Seven men, despite being strangers, unite to safeguard an Indian village from a group of rogue Confederate soldiers led by Col. Emmett Anderson. During two violent battles, the seven learn to form a bond of trust.

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