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  • TV-14
  • 1998
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.6  (1,859)

The Magnificent Seven is a thrilling western drama series aired on CBS from 1998 till 2000. The show is set in the Old West and follows the lives of a group of seven gunslingers who band together to protect the people of a small town called Four Corners from various villains and bandits.

Leading the cast is Eric Close, who plays the role of Chris Larabee, a former Union soldier who lost his entire family to ruthless bandits. Dale Midkiff plays the role of Buck Wilmington, Chris's old friend and a ladies' man who never loses his cool in the face of danger. Anthony Starke is Ezra Standish, a charismatic gambler who has a past that he is trying to escape from. Michael Biehn is Vin Tanner, a sharpshooter with a troubled past who becomes fast friends with Chris. Dana Barron is Mary Travis, the editor of the local newspaper who joins forces with the seven to fight for justice. Laurie Holden is Andrea, a former prostitute turned healer who helps the seven in their mission. Ron Perlman is Josiah Sanchez, a former preacher seeking redemption, and Rick Worthy is Nathan Jackson, a former slave who becomes a skilled medic.

As they work to uphold the law and protect the innocent, the seven also each struggle with their own personal demons, trying to come to terms with their pasts and figure out their futures. Over the course of the series, viewers get to know each of these characters intimately and are drawn into their complicated lives.

The Magnificent Seven is a fast-paced series full of action and adventure, with each episode bringing new challenges and dangers for the seven to overcome. Whether they are rescuing hostages, taking down corrupt officials, or battling rival gangs, the seven always put themselves in harm's way to protect the people of Four Corners. The show also addresses themes of justice, redemption, and honor, with the seven grappling with difficult moral choices and trying to do what is right, even when it is not easy.

The show features stunning cinematography and beautiful landscapes, transporting viewers back to the beauty and danger of the Old West. The action scenes are expertly choreographed and the gunfights are intense and thrilling, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Aside from the seven, the show also features a number of memorable recurring characters, including villains like Eli Joe and Malachi Strand, as well as allies like Inez Recillos and Judge Orin Travis. The show's ensemble cast is top-notch, with each actor delivering unique and nuanced performances that bring their characters to life.

Despite its popularity with fans, The Magnificent Seven was canceled after two seasons due to low ratings. However, it remains a beloved cult classic today, cherished by fans of westerns and adventure dramas alike. Whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer to the series, The Magnificent Seven is a must-watch for anyone who loves thrilling action, complex characters, and sweeping landscapes.

The Magnificent Seven is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on January 3, 1998.

The Magnificent Seven
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13. Obsession
July 3, 2000
When Chris meets an old flame, he finds out more about the events that led up to the death of his wife and son.
12. Serpents
June 7, 2000
When a hired assassin is found dead in his hotel room with $10,000, Ezra finds the money difficult to resist and quickly finds himself at odds with Chris.
Lady Killers
11. Lady Killers
May 31, 2000
Two female bounty hunters come to town to hunt down a wanted criminal -- or are they outlaws themselves, searching for stolen loot? Only time will tell. J.D. is in hot water with Casey when he's attracted to one of the women.
10. Penance
May 3, 2000
A traveling detective targets Josiah as the main suspect in a series of murders. Also, Nathan's Indian friend, Rain, visits with the news that she's about to marry.
9. Achilles
July 16, 1999
When J.D. kills a man who is trying to rob the bank, one of his stray bullets accidentally kills an innocent woman. Guilt ridden and disheartened that not even his friends or Casey can look him in the eye, J.D. decides to leave town forever.
8. Chinatown
July 9, 1999
The Seven try to stop the abuse of Chinese laborers working railroad construction.
The Trial
7. The Trial
March 5, 1999
Judge Travis presides over an exasperating trial that hits close to home for Nathan. A former slave is accused of murdering a white man in a rough Western town where vigilantism is the law of the land.
Wagon Train: Part 2
6. Wagon Train: Part 2
February 19, 1999
The wagon train is attacked and bombed in an attempt to get the people to give up the titles to their homesteads.
Wagon Train: Part 1
5. Wagon Train: Part 1
February 12, 1999
Judge Travis asks the gang to ride shotgun for a wagon train that is headed for disputed homestead land that a rancher intends to have for himself.
4. Vendetta
January 29, 1999
A matriarch and her gunfighting brood come to town to get revenge for the death of one of their own.
Love and Honor
3. Love and Honor
January 22, 1999
To defend a lady's honor, Buck challenges a nasty Mexican aristocrat to a duel, but he doesn't count on the weapons choosen by his opponent.
Sins of the Past
2. Sins of the Past
January 15, 1999
Vin must prove his innocence when a group of marshalls arrive in town to arrest him for murder. Meanwhile, a new saloon gives Ezra some competition.
The New Law
1. The New Law
January 8, 1999
A new federal marshal drives the Seven out of town after a brutal shootout with a band of thieves. The new lawman's methods are tested when a gang of hired guns comes to set the town aflame.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 3, 1998
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (1,859)