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"Conquerors from a Dying World Invade Earth!"

In England, a Cornish farmer and his wife watch as meteors smash into one of their fields. The authorities are notified and barricade the area. The investigating team are suddenly possessed by alien life forms. The Head of Internal Security enlists the help of Curtis Temple, a well known astronomer. After a near-fatal car accident, Temple has had a silver plate put in his head to replace part of his skull, making him immune to the power that the aliens have over other humans.

A problem arises when Temple’s doctor refuses to allow him any long trips until he is completely recovered. Temple must rely in part on Dr.Lee Mason, who relays her findings from the site to Temple and his assistant by radio and telephone. The aliens have built a rocket base under Roberts Airfield, transporting humans to the moon to use as slaves.

Temple and his friend Farij drive to the village to survey the area, against doctor's orders. Temple puts together a device with which the aliens can be seen and destroyed without hurting the human hosts. Unfortunately Temple’s attack on the aliens puts Temple and Farji on a ship bound for the moon to meet with the alien leader.

On the moon, Temple meets The Master of the Moon, the leader. The aliens have been transporting humans to the moon to build a rocket to take the aliens to their planet. They have contracted a deadly virus and want to die on their home planet. Temple explains to The Master of the Moon that humans were basically good, all the aliens had to do was ask for help.

This film speaks to human nature. Would the people of earth really have helped? The movie has a campy feel about it. It is good old-fashioned science fiction thriller. Sometimes it makes you groan or giggle, but you can’t take your eyes off of it.

| 1967 | 1 hr 25 min | 4.5/10
Robert Hutton, Jennifer Jayne, Zia Mohyeddin, Bernard Kay
Freddie Francis
They Came from Beyond Space

Also starring Robert Hutton

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