They Shoot Divas, Don't They?

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They Shoot Divas, Don’t They? is a thriller about an aging star who doesn’t realize her new eager-to-please assistant is out for revenge. Sloan is a diva on the wrong side of 40 trying to stay relevant in a new millennium, but she doesn’t know that the person most eager to see her fail is her young assistant Jenny. Jenny, willing to do whatever is necessary to get close to her target, has wormed her way into Sloan’s private life and is now in a position to avenge her mother’s death which she believes was Sloan’s fault.

2002 | 2 hr | 5.0/10
Jennifer Beals, Keri Lynn Pratt, Molly Hagan, Traci Lords
Jonathan Craven
They Shoot Divas, Don't They?
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