A Night For Dying Tigers

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  • 2010
  • 1 hr 30 min
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A Night For Dying Tigers is a dramatic film that was released in 2010. The movie follows the lives of several family members as they come together over the course of one evening. The cast includes Jennifer Beals, Gil Bellows, John Pyper-Ferguson, and many others. The story takes place in Vancouver, Canada, and begins with a family gathering. The patriarch of the family, Jack (Gil Bellows), has recently passed away, and his children and their partners have come to the family home for the wake. As the night progresses, tensions rise, and secrets are revealed.

Jack’s daughter, Karen (Jennifer Beals), is struggling with her marriage to Everett (Tygh Runyan). It becomes clear that Karen is still in love with her ex-husband, Duncan (John Pyper-Ferguson), who is also in attendance. Meanwhile, Karen and Everett's daughter, Laura (Lauren Lee Smith), is dealing with her own relationship issues.

As the night goes on, the family members begin to spiral out of control. Duncan, who is a recovering alcoholic, starts drinking again. Karen and Everett argue about their past, and Laura becomes increasingly erratic.

Despite the family drama, there are moments of humor and tenderness throughout the film. The siblings reminisce about their childhood and share stories about their father. There are also scenes between Karen and her mother (Katharine Isabelle) that are touching and poignant.

The performances in A Night For Dying Tigers are excellent. Jennifer Beals, in particular, shines as Karen. She brings a vulnerability and complexity to the character that makes her sympathetic, despite some of the questionable choices she makes. Gil Bellows also gives a strong performance as Jack, even though he is only seen in flashbacks.

The film’s direction, by Terry Miles, is also noteworthy. He captures the intimate moments between characters with a great deal of sensitivity. The film’s pacing is deliberate and allows the characters to fully develop.

One of the strengths of A Night For Dying Tigers is its exploration of family dynamics. The movie tackles issues such as infidelity, addiction, and regret in a way that feels authentic. The characters are flawed, but they are also relatable. Anyone who has experienced the complexities of family relationships will find something to relate to in this film.

Overall, A Night For Dying Tigers is a well-crafted, emotionally engaging film. It is a movie that will stay with you long after the credits have rolled. The performances are stellar, the direction is excellent, and the story is both compelling and thought-provoking. If you enjoy character-driven dramas that explore the complexities of family relationships, then this is a film you won’t want to miss.

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