Three in the Attic

"Some men are starved for love... Paxton Quigley's problem was completely the opposite!"

Paxton is a student at Willard College, a mere mile from Fulton College. He encounters Fultron undergrad, Tobey Clinton at a party, soon dating. Eventually planning on spending summer at Providencetown's beach, where they are caught living together by her parents. Forced to part for the last two weeks, Tobey longs to return to school, to reconnect with Paxton.

While out riding, Paxton meets Fulton artist, Eulice. Eulice would like to paint Paxton naked, promising to also go nude in compensation. After sharing a meal, they head to a motel. Paxton later brags to his brothers that he feels no remorse.

Later, Tobey asks Paxton to move into an apartment with her. When he overreacts, Tobey explains a bet with her father over his answer, causing a bitter fight between she and Paxton. Paxton is soon called by Eucile at his frat, taunted into seeing her again. On the way, he encounters and "conquers" hippie, Jan.

Paxton once again brags about his conquests, with one brother suggesting he triple-time. While out with Tobey, both Eulice and Jan nearly spot him. Afterwards, Paxton returns to his frat where the brothers are using a drunk co-ed, snapping his conscience awake. Paxton shields the girl from them

Paxton rents an apartment for Tobey and himself. She asks him to follow her to the attic, where all three girls explain their knowing the truth, locking him away and only sleeping with him to fatigue him. He rebels by starving himself.

Willard's dean notices Paxton's absence and sends out fliers. Tobey's nosy neighbor reports about the three girls to Fulton's assistant dean. After discovering the truth, she merely offers to turn a blind eye to the revenge.

Paxton is eventually released, stumbling into the women's dorm, is attacked and knocked out. An ambulance takes him away, with the three girls cleared of the scandal. Eulice eventually helps Paxton out, letting him reconcile with Tobey.

| 1968 | 1 hr 32 min | 5.5/10
Richard Wilson
Three in the Attic
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