Ticket to Heaven

"In 1979, David joined a cult."
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Ticket to Heaven is a 1981 movie about the recruiting of a man into a cult group, and his life within the cult. David Kappel (Nick Mancuso), a schoolteacher in his 20’s, visits a training camp for a religious sect. At this camp everything is done in communally in groups. The members maintain a low-calorie diet, sleep deprivation, and constant ritualistic chanting. All of the elements of the camp work to brainwash and change David. He graduates and is put to work as a laborer for the cult. David's parents and friends eventually enlist the aid of a mental ‘deprogrammer’, in hopes of extracting David from the cult.

| 1981 | 1 hr 49 min | 6.9/10
Nick Mancuso, Saul Rubinek, Meg Foster, Kim Cattrall
Ralph L. Thomas
Produced By
Alan Simmonds, Vivienne Leebosh, Ronald Cohen
Ticket to Heaven
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Also starring Saul Rubinek