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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is the fourth and last installment for the original movie series. The film was released in 2007 and depicts how the 4 brothers drift apart after their victory over the Shredder. Among the four TMNT movie series, this is the first and last one to be developed using CGI technology. The plot begins 300,000 years ago when a warlord called Yaotl along with his 4 generals stumble upon a portal leading into a parallel universe that is said to harness tremendous power. The warlord, hungry for power, became immortal upon opening the portal. But in exchange, his 4 generals die and turn into stone. The portal also unleashes 13 immortal creatures that vanquish both Yaotl's enemies and his armies.

After millenniums, the movie shows the TMNT, living their lives differently after defeating Shredder. Master Splinter, a rat who trained the four ninjas, instructs Leonardo to go to Central America for training. Michelangelo works as a mascot for birthday parties while Donatello works as an IT expert. Raphael, unable to leave their former profession behind, hunts criminals during nighttime and is named as the Nightwatcher by the city.

April O'Neil works for a company that finds and procures artifacts for collectors. Accompanied by her boyfriend Casey Jones, they head on to Central America for business. There, she finds Leonardo still training. April informs her that the turtles have grown apart and that they need him. Leonardo is reluctant to go back first, yet after some thought, he decides to go home. He stows on the plane where April and Casey are in and returns to New York.

The couple deliver the artifact to Winters, who is an affluent CEO of a financial company. Winters who is blending in with normal people is actually the immortal warlord. He plans on gathering the statues back and reanimating his generals using high-tech technology. Unfortunately, they still remain as stone generals. Winters recruits Karai and the Foot Clan to hunt down the 13 beasts before the portal activates.

Meanwhile, Casey, who is already aware of the double identity of Raphael, joins the vigilante to hunt criminals down. One night, they encounter the stone generals along with the Foot Clan while capturing one of the thirteen beasts. Later on, they discover the evil plot behind Winters and the TMNT decide to work together to stop it from being achieved.

| 2007 | 1 hr 27 min | 6.3/10 | 41/100
Chris Evans, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mako, Kevin Smith
Warner Bros. Pictures
Kevin Munroe

Also directed by Kevin Munroe

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Tmnt - Alternate Opening|1:25
Tmnt - Alternate Opening|1:25

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