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  • NR
  • 1989
  • 2 hr 5 min

Toofan is an action-packed Bengali movie from 1989 directed by Swapan Saha. The movie stars Shakuntala Barua, Abhishek Chatterjee, Chiranjit in lead roles. The film revolves around a small village named Rajganj, which is captured by a group of goons. The village is robbed of its resources and the villagers are forced to pay taxes to the goons or face consequences. However, when a young man named Raju arrives in the village, he decides to take on the goons and free the villagers from their tyranny.

The movie starts with the introduction of Raju, a young man from Kolkata. He is a boxer and is seen training hard to make his mark in the boxing world. However, one day he receives a call from his uncle, who is gravely ill and needs Raju's help to take care of his business in Rajganj. Raju travels to the village and is amazed at the beauty of the place. He soon realizes that the village is under the control of a group of goons who have been terrorizing the villagers for years. The goons are led by a man named Gobin, who is ruthless and doesn't care about the welfare of the villagers.

Raju meets the village headman, who tells him about the goons and how they have been exploiting the villagers. Raju decides to take on the goons and help the villagers. He starts training the villagers in self-defense and also teaches them boxing. Meanwhile, Gobin and his men get wind of Raju's plan and decide to take him on. What follows is a series of action-packed sequences where Raju and the villagers take on the goons and emerge victorious.

The movie has a lot of fight and action sequences that keep the audiences engaged. Shakuntala Barua plays the role of the village headman's wife and her performance is noteworthy. Abhishek Chatterjee and Chiranjit give good performances as well. The music of the movie is good, with some catchy tunes that stay in the listener's mind.

Toofan is a movie that highlights the theme of how a single person can make a difference. The movie shows how Raju, with his determination and skills, is able to overcome the odds and liberate the villagers from their oppressors. The movie also shows the power of unity, as the villagers come together to fight against the goons. There are some emotional moments in the movie, especially towards the end, that will definitely leave the audiences with a sense of satisfaction.

Overall, Toofan is a must-watch movie for fans of the action genre. The movie has all the elements of a good action movie - a hero fighting against the villains, emotions, and a lot of style. The performances by the actors are decent and the direction by Swapan Saha is top-notch. Though released in 1989, the movie still holds up well and is definitely worth a watch. So, if you're in the mood for an action-packed experience, go ahead and watch Toofan.

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