Torture Dungeon

"They were meticulous in the art of MUTILATION and MURDER!"
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It is 15th Century England, and Lord Harken is ruler and out for a walk with his servants when he suddenly decapitated by a mysterious assassin. It is at Lord Harken's funeral that Norman the Duke of Norwich, expresses his condolences to Harken's sister Lady Jane. Both Lady Agatha and Lady Jane in turn express their anger against Norman, accusing him of killing Lord Harken, of which he stands his ground against the claim.

It is revealed that Norman is plotting to kill the successors to the throne in order for him to become King of England. When Norman approaches the regent of the ruling court, he asks for permission to become king. The one-eyed regent Peter informs Norman that he must marry and bear children before becoming the next King. Norman however finds that he is unable to have children but has already set his sights on a virgin Heather McGregor who is the most beautiful girl in the entire kingdom. So he attempts to arrange a marriage for his half-brother Albert of Aberthy with Heather.

Albert of Aberthy is the next king to the throne after Lady Jane, and by using his brother Norman, can seize the throne. Lady Jane has also different plans of revenge, but she has also revealed that her relationship with her brother has made her with child. Norman's plot to use Albert is destined to fail due to Albert being mentally ill, but Norman is determined to make it work.

Heather is slowly beginning to discover that something is not right among these mad monarchs and in the attempt to show her what Norman the Duke of Norwich’s position is in the family line, Lady Agatha and Lady Jane show Heather the Torture Dungeon and the victims of all of those that have crossed him. Norman begins to desperately spin his torturous web to now seize the throne before he discovers a greater threat to his plans. Written by John Borske and Directed by Andy Milligan

| 1970 | 1 hr 20 min | 3.7/10
Gerald Jacuzzo, Susan Cassidy, Patricia Dillon, Neil Flanagan
Andy Milligan
Produced By
William Mishkin
Torture Dungeon
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